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(Fake)END4 - The Silence sea

It is an idea about Wadonohara if she was faced to the death of everyone (about the ending in the fight between both two sea) and what she will finally turned out to be. (Or maybe she finally gave everything an endless sleep seems to be worked for it…)

The another version of the sea witch which is different from the red one. Instead, it presents the “silence of death”.

"No Arrogance, No life can be sensed, it is a totally silence great ocean"

**Caution** It is an out-of-character derivative idea about Wadanohara, I know it might not be acceptable to everyone. Sorry for making you uncomfortable. If the original author (海底囚人) feels any uncomfortable, I will delete this post as soon as possible.

Thanks for everyone if you are interested in this design.

Kcalb : I... I only destroy.
Etihw : It's fine. I'll fix it.

Tomorrow I’ll go to London for 4 days, so, to let you see that I’m not dead, I post here some wip.

In addition of this I’m working on some personal project and on a genderswap jadekat comic.



Noticed an important piece of mischaracterization for each beta kid by Dave on this page. People seem too always refer to Jade’s bit, but what he says here about John being “too nice to get mad”, Rose unable to “try anything drastic”, and Jade being “more of a liability” is actually very interesting. 

dave said he’s not a hero


Episodes 001-008


Original work by CashWiller / 卡斯威爾

Translation and typesetting by ✿縁❀ / seichiinara.

※Permission to translate and upload was granted by the artist.


Don’t forget 3. Oct. 11 /  art by Selusi (me)

Decided to finish this comic today because of reasons! (there’s some mistakes like *alchemist=alchemy and *failiture= failure / I’m sorry)

FullMetal Alchemist (c) Hiromu Arakawa